[HD] Moving Toronto: Underground with the Toronto Transit Commission

Documentary on Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway crews featuring a selection of subway employees produced in collaboration with Bell Local Toronto/FibeTV1:

[HD] Investigation Hotline

Promotional video highlighting the services provided by a Private Investigation firm in the GTA with 30 years experience.

[HD] Moving Toronto: Underground with the Toronto Transit Commission Trailer

Documentary featuring ten Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway operators, four tower/transit controllers, a line mechanic and supervisor:

[HD] Moving Toronto: Underground with the Toronto Transit Commission Trailer 2

[HD] Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Train Signal System

Discusses the signals and wayside signs used by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). Discusses interlocking, automatic, grade time and station time signals used by the subways.

Narrated by Ritchard Findlay

[HD] Ride on Line 1 Yonge-University-Spadina (Wilson Hostler to Finch) in 4 Minutes (Timelapse)

Footage shot from the lead car of a T1 subway train in July 2013 sped up around 15X.

[HD] Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Signal System

Learn about the signs and signals used on the Toronto subway system including automatic and interlocking signals. Look at the signs used throughout the system indicating the power or brake setting to be used.

Narrated by Eric Colbert

[HD] TTC Subway Operator Doug Troubleshoots Train Disablement

Subway operator, Doug's train becomes disabled in the tunnel. The train later had to be coupled and pushed.

[HD] Virtual TTC Academy: 3 Year Anniversary Compilation of Runs

A selection of runs in the Virtual TTC Academy hosted by T2P Films where transit enthusiasts simulate Toronto subway operations online.

[HD] OpenBVE Virtual TTC Academy February, 2014 Run

A run on the Yonge-University-Spadina line for OpenBVE, an open source train simulator, in our Virtual TTC Academy. Join us

More videos of our Virtual TTC Academy runs:

[HD] Cool Connections: Working Together to Build Our Ideas

Promotional video for Cool Connections events, where people can get together, connect and collaborate.