TTC Bloor-Danforth Version 1.2 OpenBVE

Our team has developed the TTC Bloor Danforth line for OpenBVE. The route features improved grade time signals, emergency tripping of trains and accurate placement of all signs and signals. We also recorded station stop announcements from the trains themselves.

Kipling station in OpenBVE

The Bloor Viaduct and Victoria Park station:

Westbound on the Bloor Viaduct in OpenBVE Westbound at Victoria Park station in OpenBVE

New T1 Interior by Aljon Ramos and TrainsToronto (Included with Download):

Dupont station with updated textures looking northboud

Download V1.2 by registering on our forum HERE

*You must make an account on the forum to download and post any suggestions you may have. Or you can email weilanh[at] An installation guide is also included in the post.

We are looking for those interested in helping us BETA test the route and develop for OpenBVE. Please contact us or make a post on our forum.

If you enjoyed the route updates please donate! A lot of hard work was put into it. It is really appreciated! Funds will go towards running the website, Virtual TTC Academy and future productions.

Westbound at Old Mill station in OpenBVE Westbound at Pape station in OpenBVE